ActiLabs 7 Day Shred Weight Loss Plan

ActiLabs 7 Day Shred Weight Loss Plan actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim

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So in April when the weather was super-duper (remember that???) I realised that over the course of the winter, I had gone up almost 2 dress sizes.  Call it comfort eating, call it insulation, I just call it fat!!!

I am notoriously bad at dieting.  I have tried pretty much every diet known to man – I’ve Atkins-ed, Weight Watcher-ed, Slimming-world-ed, Paleo-ed, you name it I have tried it!  But my downfall has always been my love of food, my lack of will-power, and a terrible impatience has always stopped me from completing my weight-loss goals!

I then saw this picture that would change my life!  (Dramatic – but true!)



Lose a stone in 7 days?

Someone had posted next to this picture on Facebook that they had lost a stone in 7 days on the ActiLabs 7 day shred.  I looked into it more, and approached an ActiLabs Ambassador on my friends list, and she showed me pictures of people that had AMAZING success in just 7 days!  It seemed too good to be true, but I knew that this could be good for me – I could last 7 days before I gave up due to my lack of will-power and patience.  In for a penny, in for a pound (pardon the pun!)

I got so excited, that I signed up as an Ambassador myself (crazy impulsive me!) so that I could share this with everyone I knew!

And so I embarked on my shredding journey!

ActiLabs 7 Day Shred Results

I measured myself and weighed myself, and then took before photo’s so that I could see physical results.

The pack contained a bottle of Hydraslim, which is a dilute drink, that you mix up with water and sip throughout the course of the day.  Your water intake has to be increased, and you replace one of your meals with either a soup or a shake.  The other 2 meals are calorie controlled.

Day 1 and 2 were TOUGH.  I thought I wouldn’t make it!  Headaches, nausea, starving, snapping at anyone who came near me, but I was assured by my Ambassador that it was all the effects of the detox on my body, so I persevered!  And then on day 3 I turned a corner, and the rest was EASY!   In fact, I felt completely amazing from day 3 onwards!  My IBS had reduced, all bloating had gone, my skin looked better, I had a ton of energy and I just felt great!

At the end of the 7 days, I weighed and measured myself and took after photo’s.  I was astounded at the results!    I had lost 8.5 lbs, and 11 inches, and my body looked completely different!  IN SEVEN DAYS!  And I had dropped a dress size!!!

7 day shred results

Now that the 7day shred is over, I actually really miss it!  Unfortunately you can only do it once a month – I still have another 2 weeks to go, but I already have my next one on order!   And I’m still a dress size smaller – happy happy happy 🙂

If you want to try the ActiLabs 7 day shred for yourself, or any of our other fabulous weight and inch loss products check out the website, or email us at


You can get the 7 day shred HERE


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31 thoughts on “ActiLabs 7 Day Shred Weight Loss Plan

  1. i am on day 5 of the shred and i have only lost a dissapointed ;-( i havnt cheated …i have been to the gym twice and serveral miles should have seen more results…please help do i carry on with this??


    1. hey hon, definately! Its a 7 day plan – its most effective over the course of the 7 days. Keep at it, don’t fall from the plan and don’t weigh yourself now till day 8!. Have you been drinking water – you need to be drinking a LOT! Also, is it close to time of the month? As that can have a big effect also x


      1. Hi Melanie

        Thank you for your advice 😀 I have been drinking a lot of water 😁 and come to think of it …. It is coming up for the dreaded time of the month… I will take you advice and ban myself from the scales till I’m finished 👍🏼x


      1. Hello could you send me the link please. I also have bought the shred shakes, but I didn’t receive any meal suggestions.
        Thank you


  2. Hiya, I’m due to start this for the first time on Monday but need to plan what meals to have. Is there any kind of meal ideas that you can advise of or somewhere I can have a look? Really want to do this properly to get the tight results


  3. Hi there I would like to know more about the 7day shred! Could u pls tell me what meal suggestions e.g breakfast and dinner we can have?


  4. Morning

    Is their any groups or further info I could have for meal plans etc? I havnt been given any and I’ve tried searching the internet with no luck. I have my shred kit so just want to get started, thanks ever so much Kim x


  5. Hi I have just started the shred but brought it off a friend so didn’t get much info about it I know it’s a 100 cal and a 500 cal meal is that right is the hydra slim with 1ltr of water or 500 mls as read different can you have any snacks eg fruit and can you have like diet coke or is that a no no


  6. Hi I did this and only lost a pound 😔. Was very gutted. I didn’t receive the guide so not sure if that would of made a difference and helped me 🤔.
    Tempted to get another lot of shakes and try again as still have the hydra slim….


      1. no, you can eat what you like, as long as they are within the guidelines, and I have loads of recipe sheets too that might give you some inspiration 🙂

        a lb is still a loss though, so think of it that way! xxx


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