Miracle Cream for Dry Skin Conditions!

Miracle Cream for Skin Conditions

I have always suffered with quite bad eczema – particularly on my feet.  Its excrutiating sometimes!  There have been many times when I have taken my socks and shoes off, and scraped my feet on the gravel outside to relieve the itching!  I’ve tried every solution known to man – creams, lotions, tablets, gels, salts, soaks, sprays. Doctors have prescribed every steroid cream, and I’ve even tried Chinese herbal medicines.  But alas, nothing has worked.  I also suffer with quite dry skin on the rest of my body.  I moisturise twice a day – but I still have scaly patches of skin on my arms and legs.

Why try Collagen?

Collagen is good (essential!) for all dry skin conditions – it gives your skin its strength and durability, which is an important feature for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.     I had heard this many times – but all the creams that I had seen were just ridiculously expensive, and all of them seemed to focus on the anti-aging effects on your face.  I couldn’t find one that addressed my issues and was suitable for use all over my body.

But then I found the Collagen and Kelp Fondant, and everything changed!!


Collagen and Kelp Fondant

Here was a Collagen product that I could use all over my body, and it had the added benefit of Kelp!   Kelp helps to reduce the level of acidity in your skin (which is a common cause of eczema and other skin conditions) when applied topically, and it therefore is extremely soothing.

So I tried it.  And it works!   I applied it to my feet initially, and it instantly soothed my inflamed skin.  After a couple of days use, the result was better than I could have hoped for.  While the dry skin was still there, it was no longer itchy, it was no longer red and inflamed, and more importantly I wasn’t in pain anymore!  After a week, it had all but disappeared – so I started to use it as a whole body moisturiser, and it has cured my dry skin a treat!

I have even used Collagen & Kelp Fondant on my son when he had some chapped skin on his face – it solved the problem almost overnight.  I used it on holiday this year when I blistered in the sun and it soothed it straight away.  Some of my customers have used it to get rid of cradle cap on their little ones!   Other ingenious uses that I have heard it used for are to soothe sunburn, softening hard skin on feet, soothe insect bites, help with athletes foot (!!!!) and it has even helped with the appearance of some scars and stretchmarks!

Get your Collagen and Kelp Fondant



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