Tools of the Trade


Make up brush essentials

Every makeup artist knows that a good set of makeup brushes is an essential part of their kit.   A good set of brushes can help you achieve your look precisely and effortlessly, and can transform your look into one worthy of a professional editorial.

Your brushes do not have to be expensive brushes with a designer name (and a designer price tag!), but it is important that they are good quality.   Here is a good tip to test the quality of your brushes – hold the brush vertically on the back of your hand, bristles down, and lightly bounce to test the bristle strength.    The bristles should bend slightly, but not splay out or flatten completely.   If they do this, the brush will be difficult to use and you will not get the precision needed for a good makeup application.

This is my professional makeup brush set – it contains close to 40 different brushes, not to mention the sponges, blenders and dabbers that are not in the picture.


BUT you don’t need this many brushes – for your own makeup at home, you can get away with just a couple of good brushes! I have listed below the basic brushes that your home makeup kit should contain.

  • Foundation Brush
    Used for applying liquid or cream foundation and key for blending.  Puts product onto the skin rather than it being absorbed into a makeup sponge.   It ensures an even coverage and a beautiful finish.
    foundation brush_web_image
  • Beauty Blender
    Used to blend in foundation and other liquid products.
    Beauty Blender
  • Concealer Brush
    Used for placing cream product onto blemishes and imperfections, as well as dark spots especially under the eyes.
    canouflage brush_thumbnail
  • Powder Brush
    Used for applying powder product. Vary drastically in size, but smaller brushes are better for gaining more control.
    complexion brush_thumbnail
  • Blusher Brush
    Used for applying powder product without disturbing the foundation underneath.  Can be used for blusher, or can be also used for applying bronzer.
    blush brush_thumbnail
  • Eyeshadow Brush
    Used for applying powder to the eye area.   There are numerous different sizes, shapes and textures – but a basic 3 brushes is enough.
    – A soft, stiff, flat brush for applying shadow all over the eye.
    – A small, soft, fluffy brush for the eyelid which lets you build colour intensity.
    – A dome-shaped shadow brush with a soft bristle which gets rid of hard edges and colour into the crease.
    contour blender_thumbnailfluff brush_thumbnailcrease blender_thumbnail
  • Small Angled Brush
    Can be used for both eyeliner and eyebrows
    angular brow liner_thumbnail
  • Lip Brush
    Small, flat, square, round or oval – it will make application to the lips easier.
    retractable brush_thumbnail
  • Liquid Liner Brush
    Extra fine, gives a precise and even application for either liquid or cream liners.
    -detail liner_thumbnail

    All of the brushes above can be purchased here

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