My Skincare Routine

I know I have said it before in a previous blog – but I am quite lazy when it comes to my skincare routine!   Once I am in my pyjama’s and am ready for bed, I can’t be bothered to do anything!  I have super -sensitive skin, so using soap and water causes me terrible discomfort.   There are many times that I have woken up with an eyelash imprint on my pillow because I haven’t bothered to remove my mascara from the night before!

In my youth of course, this was never so much of a problem – my skin always seemed to bounce back from whatever.  But now I am in my (don’t tell anyone this!) 40’s, its an entirely different story!

I have been looking for a product that is effective, well priced, and most importantly quick to use.  I can’t be bothered with soap and water, eye make up remover, facial scrub, cleanser, toner, blah blah blah.  I’d rather have 10 minutes extra in bed!

BUT I have found the solution!

Now, I used my Micellar Lotion – this works as a make up remover, eye make up remover, cleanser and exfoliator all in one.  The Micelles cling to dirt and draw it out of my skin, which means that my skin takes on a new found freshness.   I follow this up with my Energising Vitality lotion (multiple uses for this product!  Not only is it a toner, but I keep one of the travel pack sizes in my handbag to cool my skin when I’m out and about – so versatile!!!!)   And then I finish with Ultraderm Moisturiser, with its powerful anti-aging ingredients during the day, or Collagen Night cream and then I’m done.

Micellar LotionEnergising Vitality Lotionultra colla 2.2_web_image

I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin.   Those little lines around my eyes have gone, my pores are super clean and I don’t get blackheads or spots anymore, and my skin sensitivity has improved!   The products are gentle enough for me to use, yet powerful enough to make a difference!  I have even (pause for dramatic effect)……….gone out of the house with no makeup on!!!!

You can purchase any of the products mentioned above here

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