Body wraps – Your summer body quick fix!!!


I have been using the most amazing body wraps for the last couple of weeks – they don’t make you lose weight, but they do make you lose inches – and lots of them!!!!

While browsing through the files in the Facebook support group (join it here)  I came across this picture!  While I had been using it to wrap my Mummy Tummy, I realised that there were so many other ways to utilise the lifting, tightening and firming properties of the wraps!    I am  SOOOO excited to be able to firm up my bingo wings, and lift and tighten my drooping boobs!!!!   I’ve just ordered another kit so that I can mummify my entire body!!!

Check out some of these results from other people who have tried these body wraps!  And they are not just for women either – beer bellies and moobs have been disappearing all over the country!!!

11045414_10155370705975693_2047005969360178649_n 11102797_10204932335922905_5232089240968246090_n 10426248_1029396633738770_4792961047080294995_n 11424757_853659488021542_7836316203496773075_n (1)

I would blind you with the science behind it – but I would bore you, so I will just tell you that they REALLY REALLY work!!!!

You can purchase these wraps here

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