ActiDerm 7 day shred – more options!

15675_1484776971815226_8604169561529549044_nSo you have already seen our amazing 7 day shred – you get a bottle of our fantastic Hydraslim drink and sip it throughout the day.  Then replace one meal with a shake and calorie control the other 2 meals.

Then I told you about the flexi shred – replace 2 of your meals with a shake and calorie control the third.

But now we have a brand new option – the solo shred!    A bottle of Hydraslim, which you will drink throughout the day.

All three shred options are different, but all 3 bring the same amazing results – weight loss of up to a stone in a week, fantastic inch loss, reduction in bloating, increased energy, the list is endless!  And they are suitable for men or women!


If you are looking for rapid weight and inch loss, an amazing detox, and a way to kick start your healthy eating plan – then any of our options are perfect for you!!!!

You can buy our shred products here  I must warn you though, we have had a low stock warning for the bottles of Hydraslim, so if you are wanting to order I suggest you do it soon!!

If you would like more information on this, or any of our products please contact us at Alternatively visit our website.

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