ActiLabs 3D Corrector

ActiLabs 3D Corrector

3D Corrector Cream Light 30ml

Check out ActiLabs 3D Corrector HERE

I use ActiLabs moisturiser during the day and night as part of my normal routine.    I won’t be without it now – its truly amazing stuff.   It encourages skin renewal, and has fabulous anti-aging properties.  It goes on so light, and doesn’t leave your skin greasy and shiny.   It is FABULOUS!

I honestly didn’t think that this product could be improved upon.   But I was wrong!!!!!

They now have our 3D corrector, which is ActiLabs day moisturiser with a hint of tint!  So now, not only does it active surface renewal to reveal visibly younger skin, restores elasticity and hydrates, diminishes the appearance of deep lines and reduce wrinkles, nourishes repair and lift, as well as correcting the signs of photo damage and offers antioxidant protection, BUT it now also eliminates dullness, instantly perfects skin tone, and gives your skin a vibrancy and a flawless healthy glow.   AND to top it off, it also has SPF 20 protection!!!  (……..and breathe!)


I honestly could rant on about this product all day – you only need a tiny tiny amount, and somehow it matches my skin tone perfectly when its on!

You can buy our Day and Night Creams or 3D corrector creams here.

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