Silhouette Weight Loss Tablets


ActiLabs Silhouette Weight Loss Capsules

Actliabs Silhouette Weight Loss Capsules


I’m SO excited!!!!!   Our best selling ActiLabs Silhouette fat binding tablets are a BIG seller, and they are FINALLY back in stock!!!

Its been quite a while since these tablets were available.   It seems like as soon as they come into stock, they sell out within days!   These fat binding capsules are so popular, because they REALLY WORK!

ActiLabs’ nutriceuticals range of weight control capsules, diets and detox’s work from within.

We all want immediate results and we all need help to maintain them!

Silhouette is formulated to work only in your digestive system and should not affect your heart rate, liver, brain or cause sleeplessness/hypertension.

Silhouette binds to some of the fat you eat and causes it to pass directly through your system without being absorbed.  This means that you can have that extra mince pie at Christmas without worrying too much about the effect on your hips 😉

They are a BIG favourite with ActiLabs customers, and there will be a LOT of happy people reading this right now 🙂

Silhouette Weight Loss Tablets

They join our other fabulous weight and inch loss products (7 day Shred, Hydraslim, Diet Aid, ActiVate tablets and body wraps) to help you lose those lbs and inches quickly and effectively!

You can purchase any of our weight and inch loss products here, or visit our facebook page or group.

Alternatively, email me at for advice on which of our products would be best for you.

You can get your Silhouette here.


Need some help, or can’t find what you are looking for?  Want to know more about promoting our brand?  Drop us an email at
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