ActiDerm 7 day shred – more fabulous results


This week I have had 4 people on the 7 day shred, and between them today we have registered an absolutely unbelievable 35lbs in weight!!!!  In a week. I am going to repeat.  My team this week have lost 35lbs in 7 days!

We have had a 13lbs loss (thats a whole stone people!), an 8lb loss, and 2 x 7lb losses.    I am a happy lady – with a VERY happy bunch of customers 🙂

Next week we have another 3 people starting their shred, one of which is starting the solo shred (the much raved about bottle of Hydraslim – a Cosmo Magazine Must Have!), so it will be interesting to see how their results stack up against the others!

You can buy all of the 7 day shred options here

Please visit our facebook group to view all the latest information and special offers here

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