All about ActiDerm

I realised today that I have been chelping on about how amazing ActiDerm is, and how amazing all their products are –  but I haven’t actually told you anything about them!!

The official tag line is “Surgery like or Medically inspired treatments for home use – using Science to get the best out of nature”.

All of our products are salon grade, salon quality, but not salon prices – you can’t buy the products in the shops, as we prefer to cut out the middleman – which means we can bring these superb products to your home for less.

None of our products are tested on animals – that is something that we feel REALLY strongly about!

Sold & used in hotels, beauty salons and spa’s worldwide – the ActiDerm approach to skincare combines a blend of medical-grade plant and marine actives, proteins and clinically proven skin-compatible bases for therapeutic and luxurious products with visible results.

ActiDerm is developed first and foremost for professional treatments, guaranteeing reliability in every product, ensuring that lifestyle concerns can be dynamically addressed in spa and at home.

We are committed to advancing the science of natural skincare.  Every pure bioactive product in the ActiDerm range is specifically blended to help achieve and maintain the skins ideal balance.

We invest heavily in clinical trials and research.   Our scientists continually strive for new formulations combining established and proven active ingredients.

Our award winning Laboratory staff are responsible for every product from its conception to production.   Our training staff ensures appropriate application for maximum effect.

To view our full range of products, or to find out about becoming an Ambassador for ActiDerm, check out our website here

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