ActiDerm Inch Loss Body Wraps


This week has been an amazing week for wrap sales!

They have been out of stock for most of the summer – everytime they came into stock, they literally sold out in minutes!!   We last released 1,000 wrap kits into stock, and they were gone in 3 minutes.   Seriously.

But now the stock is back up to normal, and it seems that EVERYONE is trying them!    And the strange thing about it is, that most of the people that have bought wraps from me are people that have used them before – so they are obviously super happy with them, they just keep coming back for more!

There are 2 different kinds of wraps – one of them (te Lipo Wrap) tightens loose and sagging skin (PERFECT for getting those boobs nice and pert!) and the other (the Thermo Wrap)  is for helping to melt away stubborn fat.   There is also a duo pack, which contains a pack of each.

Each pack contains approximatley 6 – 8 wraps, and the Duo Pack contains 12 – 16 wraps.

The results of the wraps are permanent if you lead a healthy lifestyle.   I know of other companies that sell wraps that just help you to lose excess water – which is fine, but imagine that you have used your wrap to get into that LBD for your night out – you have a drink – and BOOM, you are busting out of the dress again!   Not good.  And if you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle?   Don’t worry – your results will still last about 4 – 6 months!

You can expect to lose about an inch from each wrap!   Doesn’t sound much?    Just remember that 2 inches is a dress size!!!   So you can get your Christmas Party dress in at LEAST a size smaller than you thought 🙂

You can find more information about our Lipo and Thermo Wrap kits here or our Duo kit here.

If you want to see some amazing results from our wrap kits, then join our Facebook group here, or drop me an email at

Happy Wrapping people!

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