ITS HERE!!!!!!! Skyscraper Mascara – new and improved formula!


I wanted to tell you our SUPER EXCITING news about our new Skyscraper Mascara!

I know I shouldn’t say this – but I am a BIG fan of the fiberlash mascara!  I LOVE the effect that it gives.    There are quite a few different brands on the market and they all give AMAZING results!  But whichever one you try – its a pain in the a*se to apply!   2 tubes needed.   A coat of gel – a coat of fibers – another coat of gel, and then repeat.  But don’t apply it too close to your eye or it will get in your eyes and irritate.   Oh, and and make sure that you put enough gel on to seal it at the end or you will end up with black fibers all over your face!

If only you could get a fiberlash mascara, all in one tube, with the fibers already incorporated so you just have to apply one coat and your done.

OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!  Now you can!!!!!!!

We have produced the most AMAZING new formula to our Skyscraper Mascara!   There is only one tube, the gel and the fibers are all together so you just apply one coat and go!   And look at how amazing they look!!!

And the BEST thing about this mascara, is that it is ONLY £13!!!

The new Skyscraper is available in our shop today,  and from experience I can pretty much promise that they will go out of stock VERY fast!!!   You can order them online at our website,  or you can order through me anytime.

Visit me on Facebook, or drop me an email at to get yours!

Happy lashing 🙂


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