Reach your hair goals with Capill-Hair!



Reach your hair dreams by using our innovative and ‪#‎realresults‬ Capill-Hair healthy hair supplement.

A months supply of Capsules and Lotion.  Capill-Hair Boosts hair growth, increases hair shaft diameter and helps develop stronger roots for fuller, healthier hair.

Thin hair is most often a result of hair follicles lacking access to the nutrients they need. Either by being blocked from them or by there simply not being enough of them present in your blood.

Capill-Hair works in 3 ways to combat this and restore the hair.

1 ) Boosts the level of hair nutrients in the blood.
2.) Boosts blood circulation to targeted areas of the scalp.
3.) Allows the follicles to regain access to more nutrients by inhibiting DHT

Used daily, Capill-Hair will increase the thickness and strength of existing hair follicles, will not bring back to life dead follicles.

Don’t have hair envy over celebrities long, thick and healthy looking locks. If you would like hair as beautiful as Jennifer’s then ActiDerm Capill-Hair will help you reach your hair goals thanks to the amazing hair boosting formula creating healthy and fuller locks!

You can find it here on our website, or contact me through the Facebook Page

Alternatively, drop me an email at

Happy healthy hair 🙂


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