Soothe, protect and soften


Smother your body in Collagen & Kelp Fondant for firm and super soft skin, great for relieving skin problems.

This Collagen-boosting cream helps skin rebuild its own layers and increases cell turnover, soothes uncomfortable dry skin conditions, tones the skin tissues & fades stubborn stretch marks on the body, leaving the overall texture of your skin hydrated and improved.

A formula rich in regenerating and firming marine extracts which restore the skin’s youthful density and elasticity. It’s texture instantly offers a deep sensation of comfort, and helps promote a velvety looking texture to the skin.

A special moment of luscious daily body care indulgence. Firm skin and a more youthful body: thanks to this intensive firming body care, skin is immediately smoothed and, day after day, regains its youthful firmness and tone.

Read more about it here and experience the amazing results of this collagen boosting body fondant yourself!

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