NEW PRODUCT!!! Antibacterial facewash


I’m not a big fan of Facewashes.

I suffer with quite sensitive skin, and I always find that facewashes – especially antibacterial ones – completely dry out my face to the point that it becomes quite uncomfortable!

In fact, the last time I used a Facewash was a few years ago when I used a well known brand – it completely dried out my face to the point that the skin started flaking off in huge chunks!  Not attractive!!!   Never used one since!

Actiderm have recently launched a new antibacterial facewash, and it had come highly recommended.   I decided that I would give it a go – how can I recommend something that I have never tried myself?

Pleasantly surprised!  It smelt lovely, and it foamed up nicely.    It rinsed off easily and afterwards my skin just felt really clean and fresh.   More importantly, it wasn’t tight and uncomfortable!

I suffer with mild acne and enlarged pores on my face,  but this has definately made a difference!   My skin is clearing up, and my pores are very visibly reduced in size.   I now use it twice daily!   In fact I have a bottle in the shower, and a bottle by the sink – just so that I have no excuse to not use it!  My son has also become a big fan, and is using it daily too.

Firm family favourite!!!

You can read more about the Antibacterial Facewash by clicking here

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