Christmas Party Weight Loss!


The festive season is almost upon us – and are you going to be a Christmas Cracker…………….or a Christmas pudding???

There is still plenty of time to get 2 x 7 day shreds in before the parties start – and think how amazing you are going to look when you can fit into that gorgeous little black dress.   You will be getting dragged under the mistletoe all Christmas 🙂

If you take a look in our Facebook Group you will see lots and lots of examples of people (men and women) who have shrinked in size considerably doing their 7 day shreds.

Take part in our November challenge, where the biggest loser will win their December shred for free!  Purchase your 7 day shred here and then drop us an email at if you would like to take part.

You can find out more about the 7 day shred on our website here, or by visiting our Facebook Page.   Or email us at

Share your little black dress results here in our private Facebook Group, and get motivation and inspiration to help you along with your own shred.

Happy shredding 🙂


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