Lose weight without dieting!

OMG! Check this out!!!

This is one of our ladies who has lost a massive 11lbs in 10 days using Silhouette capsules….without dieting!!!



Silhouette are fat binding tablets, and they bind some of the fat you eat and cause it to pass directly through your system without being absorbed.


They can be used alone to aid weight loss, or maybe you have lost weight already and want to keep it off?    Try it in between your 7 day shred,  or in conjunction with diet-aid sachets.

Silhouette, 7 day shred and diet-aid are all completely safe and are fine to use together to achieve maximum weight loss results.

Find out more about Silhouette here
Find out more about Diet-Aid here
Find out about 7 day shred here

Got any questions about any of the weight loss products in this blog?   Drop us an email at actidermmel@hotmail.com for help and advice on the best product for you.


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