People, i feel like it is my DUTY to tell you all about this face cream! It is UNBELIEVABLE!! I dont usually use a moisturiser on my face as i have quite oily skin but this is FANTASTIC! My skin feels like velvet, blemishes have faded, my whole face is glowing and everyone has complimented me!! It is one of the BEST (if not THE best) facial moisturisers EVER 😉

It uses advanced technology, using plant stem cell tech to protect and encourage natural stem cell multiplication. Stem cells are responsible for healing and repair, as they decrease in our skin, our skin ages!! It has taken larger companies years to catch up with this technology and they have certainly added that onto the price.

As usual with Acti, you are buying direct from our Labs so you’re saving a whopping 70% on shop prices!! Get a generous 50ml pot PLUS 100ml micellar cleanser for a show stopping OFFER price of only £35!!!

Its properties make it the PERFECT primer for your makeup – and remember…….because UltraDerm is so rich in ingredients….a little really does go a long way 😉

Treat yourselves to some REAL luxury!! 😍😍😍

20ml only £17.50
50ml only £29.50
Ultraderm Gift Set from £22.50


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