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We have released an updated version of our already awesome 7 day shred, and have called it the 7 day shred PLUS!

The new shred kit has added Diet Aid Glucomannan, which is clinically proven to help you lose weight

Glucomannan is the only product in its category supported by 2 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims for both weight loss and cholesterol management

When mixed with water, Diet-Aid shakes and soups expand in the stomach making you feel full very quickly , which helps with portion control and temptation snacking.

We have combined our BEST SELLING 7 day shred with this ingredient, to make an even BIGGER impact on your weight loss!

Those of you who have used our 7 day shred will know just how big an impact this product can have on your weight loss – and now, with the addition of this ingredient it is even more effective – and even easier to lose weight!

The average weight loss for our standard 7 day shred is 8 lbs during the course….with some people losing a stone!   Yes you read that correctly….a stone…….in a week!!

And with the launch of a soup range as well as the shakes – its now even tastier too!

As always, purchase your product through this link and you will receive constant support and advice – meal plans and ideas, and all the motivation that you need to gain maximum weight loss on your shred!

You can find out more about both our 7 day shred, and our 7 day shred plus by clicking on this link

If you have any questions about these, or any of our other products – or are interested in becoming an ActiDerm Ambassador yourself – either drop us an email at actidermmel@hotmail.com, or visit our website.


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