Silhouette – dreams are made of this

Now you can have your Cake & eat it too!

Do you always want what you can’t have??

👑Why can’t we drink alcohol without getting a hangover?
👑Why doesn’t money grow on trees?
👑Why can’t we eat like pigs and NOT get fat??

………. Oh wait, I can help you with that last one 🙋

Silhouette Capsules absorb some of the fat out of food easing your guilt when you want to indulge.

So now you can eat a bacon sandwich knowing that some of the fat isn’t even touching the sides 😉

This is what dreams are made of 🙋


Now I know some diet pills have a bad press as being bad for you but with these you don’t have to worry. Silhouettes ONLY work with your digestive system. They have no effect on your heart or liver or any other part of your body, and they are fully tested to EU regs! And they don’t have the nasty side effects that come with some of the other fat binding tablets on the market!  So let yourself enjoy that piece of cake….. Guilt free 😘😘

You can find more information about our Silhouettes here.

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