Shred for Santa


Christmas is next month!!!!!!!!

Not sure about you – but not only am I wanting to slim down to fit into that little black dress.  I am also wanting to lose a few pounds to create some ‘damage limitation’ in preparation for a season of overindulgence!


Lets do it together!

No-one wants to slim on their own. Its boring!! At Acti, we don’t do boring, we do FUN!! So how do we make slimming FUN?? ……. We all do it together!! We can cheer each other on, we can come up with yummy ways to enjoy your food and we can share ‘at home’ quick exercises.

In preparation for #shredforsanta I have created a weight loss support group on Facebook for anyone looking to lose weight and needing a little motivation.    No matter what diet plan you are following, no matter what stage you are at, no matter how much you have to lose – join our Facebook group and let us all help each other.

You can join the Facebook group by clicking on this link 

I am waiting for my 7 day shred kit to arrive next week, and then I am starting my “damage limitation” plan – who would like to join me?   For those of you who are not sure what the 7 day shred is, it is a rapid weight loss and detox plan – I lost 8.5lbs in the week the last time I did it!    Its amazing – and you won’t believe some of the results that fellow shredders have had!

If you want to find out more about the 7 day shred, you can see further more by clicking on this link.

Get your 7 day shred kit




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