The full Capill-Hair range

The full Capill-Hair range


I just wanted to tell you a little bit about our Capill-Hair and give you some info on each of the products in the range.

Capill Hair is a system for increased hair growth.   It helps to restore thinning and weak hair – and gives strength to roots.  It increases shaft diameter and helps develop stronger roots for fuller, healthier hair.

Capill-Hair boosts hair growth, increases hair shaft diameter and helps develop stronger roots for fuller, healthier hair.

Thin hair is most often a result of hair follicles lacking access to the nutrients they need. Either by being blocked from them or by there simply not being enough of them present in your blood.

Capill-Hair works in 3 ways to combat this and restore the hair.

1 ) Boosts the level of hair nutrients in the blood.

2.) Boosts blood circulation to targeted areas of the scalp.

3.) Allows the follicles to regain access to more nutrients by inhibiting DHT.

Used daily, Capill-Hair will increase the thickness and strength of existing hair follicles, will not bring back to life dead follicles.

There are 4 products in the Capill Hair range.    The Capill Hair Lotion works on the scalp from the outside in, and the Capsules work on the scalp from the inside out!    And the shampoo and conditioning mask work on making your hair glossy and thick.

Capill Hair Lotion



Apply to wet or dry hair (I apply mine after washing, and also each night before bed) and massage into the scalp – and leave it to do its job!

Check out the Capill Hair Lotion here


Capill Hair Capsules


Take two tablets daily – one in the morning, one before bed -and thats it!

And the capsules are suitable for vegetarians – as the shells are vegetable based.

Check out the Capill Hair Capsules here


Capill Hair Shampoo & Conditioning Mask

There are many benefits to using Sulfate-Free rather than regular Shampoo and Masks. Everyone uses some kind of shampoo to clean their hair but not all are created equally.

Many Shampoos contain Sulfate which is a type of chemical mainly used to remove oils from your hair. Although Sulfate products are common on shelves in our supermarkets, some people cannot use them on their skin or hair.

Sulfate harbouring shampoo, for example, can often strip your hair of essential natural oils and even strips away pigments from hair dye.

Here are my top 5 reasons why we should all use Sulfate-Free Shampoo and mask;

1. Reduces the chances of irritation or inflammation on the scalp.
2. Increases moisture retention within the hair.
3. Improves and retains the natural oils within the hair.
4. Retains dyed hair colour for longer periods of time.
5. Prevents the scalp from absorbing harmful chemicals.

Its these reasons why I won’t have anything other than sulfate free on my hair! Not forgetting that our Capill Hair Shampoo & Conditioner is designed to increase hair growth especially when combined with the rest of our Capill Hair Range.

Check out the Capill Shampoo and Conditioning Mask Here


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