ActiLabs Skincare and Cosmetics


ActiLabs Skincare and Cosmetics

Since our skin care was such a BIG hit on Black Friday, I wanted to tell you WHY Acti’s skin care is so much different to the regular skincare, bodycare and cosmetics that you can get on the high street.

Our products are Cosmeceutical Grade which means they’re the bridge between products that you find on the high street and pharmeceutical grade products. All this together gives you the anti-ageing and skin correcting properties that you simply cannot get from cosmetics.

Surely you’d think that if products really were THIS good……they wouldn’t be affordable to the average shopper??……..THAT is where Acti comes into its own. All of our products are developed and manufactured at our state-of-art laboratories in France which means we can cut out all of the middle men, AND saves YOU up to 70% off shop prices!!

We are DIRECT to consumer…….from Paris to your door!!

Using Science to get the Best out of Nature!

Everyone wants to look after their skin and their pockets at the same time!!


You can see our full range of products here

Need some help, or can’t find what you are looking for?  Want to know more about promoting our brand?  Drop us an email at
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