Shred into 2017

Shred into 2017

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and that Santa brought you everything that you wanted (that is, if you weren’t on the naughty list!!!)

I had a great Christmas, but unfortunately (same as everyone else I guess) it has also been full of chocolate, sweets, cake, cheese, crisps – and pretty much everything was covered in cream!   This has resulted in approximately half a stone extra added to the weighing scales 😦

Whilst it was all gorgeous and I loved it – I have to plan my recovery somewhere along the line!


From 3rd January 2017 (first day back for most people!) I am holding a MASS SHRED.

The 7 day shred is great for anyone who wants to lose those extra lbs that Santa brought with him, or if you just want to detox from overindulgence!

I always think that things like this are better when done together – we can help each other along the way, and help each other to achieve our goals!


Shred kits come in a variety of flavours, and include a bottle of Hydraslim, 7 shakes or soups in your choice of flavour – and we are currently including 2 packets of diet noodles FREE with every shred as a special offer 🙂    Diet noodles are a brand new addition to our shops, and are available separately at £1.75 per pack.  Each pack is 2 servings, and each serving is just SIX CALORIES each!!!!!

If you would like to take part in our mass shred on 3rd January, just order your kit by clicking on the link below – and drop me an email at

You will receive full support throughout, help with meals, and an exercise plan also if you would like one.

You can order your shred, or any of our other products by visiting ourwebsite – or clicking on the shop link below.

Get your 7 Day Shred Kit Here


As always – if you have any questions regarding any of our products, or would like some more information about joining our team, please feel free to email me anytime at

Need some help, or can’t find what you are looking for?  Want to know more about promoting our brand?  Drop us an email at
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