Glucomannan Konjac – Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon!

Glucomannan Konjac
Your Secret Weight-Loss Weapon! 

You may have heard me talking about Glucomannan, which is also known as Konjac Powder or Konjac Root.

It is the ingredient in some of our diet and weight loss products (Skinny Juice and Diet Aid) and is a major factor in some of my customers astounding weight loss results!


But what is Glucomannan???


Glucomannan is a substance extracted from the root of Konjac, which is a plant native to Asia.

It is the most viscous dietary fibre known to man, being able to absorb up to 50 times its weight in water.    It can therefore curb appetite, regulate digestion, and is a powerful aid in weight loss!

Glucomannan is a very effective appetite suppressant.    When mixed with water, it expands in your tummy and helps you to feel full before you have even eaten.

It is a soluble fibre of low complexity which means that it is harder for your body to break down .   These soluble fibres form viscose gels that make us feel fuller, faster, and for longer.

Here are some other reasons to love Glucommann!

  1. It is very absorbent and can absorb large quantities of water.  Like other fibres, Glucomannan can also help to reduce the absorption of fat.
  2. Because it is so good at absorbing, it is able to increase your feeling of fullness very well.  This means that when you eat, you feel fuller faster, which decreases your calorie intake.
    Consume fewer calories = weight loss
  3. Glucomannan can also regulate your glucose and lipid levels. By controlling your sugar levels you can regulate how much fat your body produces. And as it is also a good appetite suppressant, it leads to fewer snack cravings.
  4. It helps to reduce constipation, promotes regular bowel movements, and minimises the feeling of bloating. Studies have shown that Glucomannan promotes the amount of useful and good lactic acid bacteria inside the intestines that help keep the body healthy.
  5. Glucomannan has been shown to reduce acne, skin disorders, imperfections and inflammation.


Skinny Juice ingredient Glucomannan Konjac
At ActiLabs we have long since known of the amazing benefits of Glucomannan, and use it in a number of our diet and weight loss products.      It is the main ingredient in our Skinny Juice, our Diet Aid, and we have recently introduced our Diet Noodles which not only contain Glucomannan, but they are also are gluten free, GMO free, all natural, and more importantly – are just SIX CALORIES per serving!  They are great to work alongside our 7 day shred products!

You can check out our full range of Diet, Detox and Weight Loss products by visiting our website – but if you have a specific problem, or need individual help – drop me an email anytime at and we can design a weight loss plan specifically aimed at your own personal journey.

See our Full Range here.

Need some help, or can’t find what you are looking for?  Want to know more about promoting our brand?  Drop us an email at



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