Capill Hair

Capill Hair

Bad Hair Day?

Did you know that Keratin is the protein that makes up the hair shaft (the part that can be seen just above the scalp)

Capill Hair

Keratin can deplete, especially when there are extra stresses and strains in the hair that cause damage. Like using a hair dryer, straighteners, back combing, perming and colouring. Plus the contribution of environmental factors can also contribute to hair damage.

Our Capill Hair Shampoo & Conditioning mask range are loaded with keratin. Which builds back the depreciation lost through damage.

So when we see these amazing results from the product, and less frizz and more shine – it’s simply because the hair structure has been penetrated and repaired from the inside out!

Warning – When you use this product don’t be a phantom squeezer! You really only need a little bit. Both products last around 6 weeks 😊

Yes – we really are magic! 💜


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