The Collagen Secret

The Collagen Secret Ever wondered why your skin (and everything else!) heads further and further south with age? The reason is because your skins natural collagen levels are depleting. Collagen is the structure of your skin.   Without structure, gravity takes hold and it heads south.  Its a fight we are never going to win … More The Collagen Secret

Skinny Juice

Skinny Juice Do you feel hungry while dieting?  Skinny Juice contains 17 vegetable extracts and Glucomannan, a soluble natural fibre which, when mixed with water, becomes gel-like and expands in the stomach making you feel full very quickly.   This helps to manage your meal portion size and avoid temptation or habitual snacking. Vegetable extracts contribute … More Skinny Juice

Discount Makeup!

Discount Makeup! Do you love makeup? Does your makeup bag need an overhaul? Are you looking for high quality makeup but don’t want to pay over the top prices? I can help!!! We currently have a number of offers on makeup bundles which will save you lots of pennies 🙂 Just a warning though – … More Discount Makeup!