7 Day Shred Dieting Success

7 Day Shred Dieting Success


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Let’s get this right!

Dieting success is like any success…it requires, dedication, determination & a commitment to your goal.Doing the 7 Day Shred properly is not going to be easy! Let’s not pretend!

The strength of the 7 Day Shred is that it is quick & the pain does not last long, so the goal is always in sight, which helps.

The Shred is about results. It is not a 7 day gourmet break.

When you get started you are going to feel hungry. You are going to have to resist old snacking or eating habits. Some of you are not going to like the products! But if you keep positive then you will already be off to a great start!


Willpower is a key ingredient in your 7 Day Shred success!

Think about why you started.

Write it down

Such as “I will look great and wear the clothes I want” or “to feel healthier and fitter” or “I want to be able to run around with my kids”. Keep this and look back at it whenever you feel like giving up.

Buddy Up

Dieting with a friend or partner can really help you stay strong and not fall off the weight-loss wagon. If you ever feel like breaking your good habits, your buddy can help you get through it.

Look at yourself in the mirror

If you’re really unhappy with how you look, looking in the mirror can be depressing so approach with caution. This tip is best for people who don’t mind a kick up the bum and a dose of harsh reality to get motivated.

Reward Yourself

Set short term goals, set a reward for when you reach them so you have something to look forward to. Only if and when you reach your target, no cheating!

Put a picture of yourself when you were happy with your weight on the fridge
If you have a picture of yourself when you were happiest with your body and weight, perhaps from when you were younger or before you had children, stick that photo on the fridge, or wherever you’re likely to go rummaging for snacks.

Make your goals achievable

If you set an unrealistic target, it is unlikely that you will reach it. It is far better to set micro-goals. Even if your goal is to lose 10 stone, set a 2 stone goal and once you reach it, set your next goal.

Read inspiring stories about other peoples success

When you read an inspiring story such as how “Jemma dropped 12 pounds”, you probably think “if she can do it, so can I”. And you’d be right. We’re not talking about celebrities with big financial incentives and an army of personal trainers. Read the weight-loss success stories of real people just like you.

Weight Loss Results

Seeing your weight drop on the scales each week is one of the most popular forms of motivation reported by our customers. Some prefer to measure themselves, others simply rely on ‘feeling’ and the looseness of their clothes. Either way, seeing results can be the ultimate motivator to carry on.

Focus on a future event, but always give yourself short term goals too.
Get your calendar out and mark that date. Print a picture of your favourite wedding dress, or your holiday destination and keep it in your purse/wallet for when times are tough.

Get your 7 Day Shred


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