Skinny Juice

Skinny Juice

ActiLabs Skinny Juice

Do you feel hungry while dieting? 

Skinny Juice contains 17 vegetable extracts and Glucomannan, a soluble natural fibre which, when mixed with water, becomes gel-like and expands in the stomach making you feel full very quickly.   This helps to manage your meal portion size and avoid temptation or habitual snacking.

Vegetable extracts contribute to a feeling of wellbeing.

Whenever you feel most hungry throughout the day, simply add either a full or half a sachet to a glass of water and drink immediately for a full feeling.

To prolong this feeling, keep drinking water in the hours after.

Why take Skinny Juice? What are the benefits?

Firstly it contains Glucomannan which is THE only ingredient recognised by the EU commission to help aid weight loss. What the glucomannan powder does when mixed with water is, in loose terms, thickens in your tummy giving you an instant FULL feeling. So if you’re one of those who does struggle to diet just because of the hunger pains, you needn’t struggle no more!

The other amazing benefit of Skinny Juice is that is it SUPER healthy for us. It contains 17 different vegetable extracts so if you’re guilty of not eating enough vegetables, Skinny Juice has your back!!

What does Skinny Juice taste like?

When you have mixed up your Skinny Juice in water, it looks a very “healthy” green colour but i promise it doesn’t taste green! It actually has an orange flavour.

How much Skinny Juice can you take per day and when?

You can have a full sachet of Skinny Juice each day at whenever in the day that you feel most hungry. If you sometimes find yourself snacking during the day and you want to curb that, maybe you will find it helps to take half of your sachet in a morning and half in an afternoon.


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