Inch Loss in 45 minutes – Lipo Sculpt Wrap

inch loss slimming wrap bodywrap lipo wrap thermo wrap duo wrap


Lipo Sculpting Wrap Kit – the REAL Inch Loss Wrap.

Lipo Sculpting Fluid is the first non injectable skincare product with Lipolysis effect.   It uses the active ingredients of Lipolysis , but it is not injected.  Therefore there is no need to fear painful injections or the risk of tissue necrosis. Lipo Sculpting Fluid contains active ingredients that are protected by double “micro encapsulation”.   This has 3 main benefits


  1. The “micro-capsule” protects the active ingredient against degradation or oxidisation
  2. During manufacture “micro-capsules” receive an electrical charge.  Skin has a negative charge.  Due to this attraction the microcapsules are attracted to the skin. The outer layer is made of a natural derivative of chitin which is disssolved by skin enzymes. Pure active ingredients are released and penetrate into deep cells for maximum effect
  3. The inner “micro-capsule”  material is attracted to fat cells which has a targeting effect, maximising efficiency.


Thanks to its specific formula based on the main concepts of lipotomy, Lipo Sculpting Fluid emulsion also works in 3 steps

  1. Organic Silica combined with Centella Asiatica and pure caffeine work to increase osmotic pressure in adipose cells and burst open their membranes.
  2. Phosphatidycholine helps dissolve and digest fat waste (natural lipolysis)
  3. Botanical extract of butcherbroom encourages drainage and helps stimulate micro-encapsulation.


The Acti-Labs Lipo Sculpting Wrap is not dehydrative, you will not put back on the “lost inches” by drinking a glass of water.  In fact, we can assure you of the opposite! We actually encourage you to drink plenty of water after the treatment to cleanse and flush your system.   This can help achieve further inch loss and tightening of the skin over the following few days.

In our experience, a female client can generally expect to come down a dress size without losing a pound in weight!

actilabs inch loss wrap body wrap


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