Acti Labs 7 Day Shred Guide

Acti Shred Kit actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox

Get your 7 Day Shred HERE

Your 7 day shred kit contains 250ml Hydra-Slim and 7 ActiDiet Shakes / Soups.

How to shred……..its simple!

  1. During your shred you should mix 10ml of Hydraslim with 500ml of still water
  2. You should also replace one meal a day with your ActiDiet Shake / Soup.
    A typical day would consist of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  3. You can shred once a month


Taking your Hydraslim actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim

  • Take 2tsp (10ml) per day by diluting in 2 cups (16 fl oz) of water
  • Take small sips spaced over several hours

In addition to your Hydraslim you must drink another 2 litres daily

  • water, sugar free squash, decaf and green teas all count towards your water intake
  • You can have caffeinated drinks but you should not include them in your calculation – they are an addition
  • All drinks should also be included in your calorie count
  • NO alcohol or fizzy drinks


Having your shakes and other meals actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim

  • You choose which meal to replace with your Acti Shakes / Soup: breakfast, lunch or Dinner
  • The remaining meals should be high in protein, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates
  • Meals should be cooked in a healthy way such as grilling, poaching or boiling


How much should I eat?

  • Your total calorie target is 800 – 900 calories for women and 1100 – 1200 calories for men.
  • This includes the shake / soup which is approximately 170 depending on which flavour.


Tips for success actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim

  • Do you exercise?
    If you exercise you should add on 100 – 200 calories on the days you exercise to replace the calories burnt during exercise
  • Don’t starve yourself
    You must ensure you reach but do not exceed your calorie target.  Do not eat less than the 800 – 900 calories as your body will go into starvation mode
  • Doing a detox?
    If you are doing this for a full detox you should not consume caffeine.  If you are doing it for weight loss, caffeine is ok – but your drinks must be included in your daily calorie count.
  • Hunger struggles?
    When getting started it is likely that in the first few days of the diet you may feel hungry or be tempted to snack.
    Remember – it is only 7 days – you can do this!!
    If you cannot face the hunger pangs, then you can always consider adding Skinny Juice to help you feel fuller.
  • Keep up your fluid intake
    Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger
  • Plan ahead!
    Keep a busy schedule, keeping your mind off food stops you feeling hungry. If you think about it, on busy days we often forget to eat simply because we are busy!
  • If you don’t like the taste of your shake, you can blend the shake with fruit
  • Eat lean white meat or fish, boiled or grilled vegetables and fruit
  • Do not be tempted to weigh yourself in the first few days
    If you do not regularly drink 2.5L of water it is likely that you may have some water retention for a few days, feel bloated and the scales may leave you disappointed.  Do not weigh yourself after day 1 until your shred has finished.


A guide to your day

Here’s an idea of what we have  found most shredders find easiest actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim


Choose either

  • a meal under 300 calories, eg 2 poached eggs on toast, porridge and banana, honey on toast, fruit and muesli, yoghurt
  • An Acti-Diet sachet


Choose either

  • a meal under 300 calories, eg Eat lean white meat or fish, or grilled vegetables and fruit. eg, chicken salad, low calorie sandwich, soup with a little bread and no butter.
  • An Acti-Diet sachet



  • A meal under 400 calories
  • Choose one from each table, high in protein, low in carboyhdrate,  low in fat and low in calories
    Go easy on the extra sauces or oils etc.  If in doubt, check the labels first.   Aim to eat around 400 calories.

Table 1

Carbohydrate Cooked g
Brown Rice 150
Quinoa 120
White Rice 110
Potato – baked / boiled 180
Pasta 100
Egg Noodles 110

Table 2

Protein Cooked g
Turkey Breast 250
Chicken Breast 170
Tinned Tuna 215
Tuna Steak 180
Quorn 280
Cottage Cheese (plain – less than 20% fat) 250
White Fish 280
Prawns 300
Tofu 300
Mussels 240

Table 3

150g 120g 80g
Celery Asparagus Aubergine
Courgette Bamboo Shoots Avocado
Cucumber Cabbage Beetroot
Lettuce Cauliflower Broccoli
Pak Choi Chicory Onion
Watercress Fennel Celeriac
Green Beans Chilli
Mushrooms Kale
Green Pepper Leek
Radish Spring Onion
Spinach Spaghetti Squash
Mange Tout
Basil actilabs 7 day shred actidiet weightloss detox hydraslim

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  1. Hi. Do you have the strawberry shakes in stock yet?
    I am interested in the shred, but only if you have strawberry.


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