ActiLabs Follicle Food

The ULTIMATE food for your follicles!!!

Are you serious about taking your hair care to the next level?
Are you serious about significantly increasing the nutrients available to your follicles?
Are you serious about getting quicker growing, stronger, thicker and healthier hair?
Then I may have the answer………………. … More ActiLabs Follicle Food


Back in Stock

A few of you have been asking me to let you know when our best selling products are back in stock. Today sees the return of our Silhouette tablets (fat binding, great for weight loss) and our Capill-Hair kits and tablets are also back in stock today, as well asThalassotherapy Body Scrub. All of these … More Back in Stock

Sneaky peek

Just thought I would give you a sneaky peek at a couple of the new bits and pieces that are being launched in January! We have our new Diet-Aid sachets, which can help you either lose weight or keep weight off .   When mixed with water it expands in your stomach making you feel … More Sneaky peek