Does Laser Lipo work?

I wanted to touch upon Laser Lipo. It’s HUGE in the beauty industry at the minute. With celebs running for a quick laser before a red carpet event, it’s got many people wondering……should I get it too? … More Does Laser Lipo work?

Inch Loss in 45 minutes – Thermo Slimming Wrap

Inch Loss in 45 minutes – Thermo Slimming Wrap   Ditch the Toxins. Ditch the Inches!!  Did you know that toxin build up causes you to GAIN inches? FIGHT BACK with Thermo Slimming Wraps. Within our bodies we all have interstitial spaces where toxins and fats gather. An interstitial space is an empty space or … More Inch Loss in 45 minutes – Thermo Slimming Wrap

How to get the best from your Inch Loss Wraps

Lipo Sculpting Fluid and Thermo Slimming Gel From the day that you place your order you should start to increase your water consumption. By the time that your purchase is delivered your body should have adapted to processing between 3 pints a day without water retention. This will maximize the results achieved. Both products can … More How to get the best from your Inch Loss Wraps

ActiLabs Products

ActiLabs Products Do you want to lose weight?   Are you thinking of turning to plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatment, such as lipo suction? Why, when you can treat yourself at home with an inch loss wrap kit, which helps you lose inches in less than an hour?  Yes, you CAN fit into that dress … More ActiLabs Products

NEW Skinny Blitz

We have launched a BRAND NEW diet product today……the Skinny Blitz! This is a brand new addition to our shred range – and is a complete ground breaker!!! The Skinny Blitz is very similar to the 7 day shred.   You still get a bottle of our amazing Hydraslim (I know that I always chelp … More NEW Skinny Blitz